No Spray Animal-Power Produce


Using 3 horses to plow sod. Abington Grown is a small market garden that is part of We-Li-Kit Farm in Abington, CT. Our Vegetable Grower, Erika Marczak, moved to CT when she partnered with Sam Rich, proprietor of We-Li-Kit Builders. Erika grew up and worked in eastern New York most of her life. After attending SUNY Morrisville and Cornell for Animal Sciences, Erika followed her second passion, growing produce, melons and berries. She jumped into produce farming feet first by becoming an apprentice at Roxbury Farm, a large organic CSA. Since 2002 she has lived and worked on a few successful vegetable farms, learning by doing and doing what feels right, growing food without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. Abington Grown combines Erika's desire to use draft animals and grow high quality produce using low impact methods, while being part of a diverse family farm. Her partner Sam Rich is responsible for the Sweet Corn division of Abington Grown, he grows a diversity of varieties for harvest July thru October.

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We-Li-Kit Farm A Truly Diverse Family Farm

Nestled on a dirt road amongst the crops, cows, pastures and sugar bushes is our six generation family farm. Samuel Rich established the farmstead in 1886 as a typical small New England Farm, raising food, fiber and forest for the use of the family. Samuel also built a cider mill and was soon pressing cider for many neighbors and town folk.

In 1977 Chaplin Rich (4th generation) established the current We-Li-Kit Dairy Farm. In 1990 We-Li-Kit Ice Cream was started, offering fresh premium homemade ice cream in a variety of flavors. The family has also trained horses and oxen, sold hogs, beef, eggs, flowers and winter greens. Maple syurp has returned to We-Li-Kit, and the sugarhouse is nearing completion.

Everyone in the family has their thing that they like to do best. We sell ice cream, beef, greenhouse, vegetable and maple products to the public, but in the spirit of a traditional yankee farm we also produce for ourselves: hay, corn, silage, rye, spelt, straw, poultry, lamb, hogs, firewood and lumber.

Uncle and Nephew bring the oxen home after setting out sap pails