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Draft Animals

Two grey percherons taking a rest while plowingOur working partners are essential to the success of Abington Grown. Together we work the fields that create nurishment for us all. They are able to do something that we humans cannot, taking in grass and turning it into tracition, manure and offspring. Working without the noise or smell of a combustion engine brings us closer to our work, and allows us to be better observers of our surroundings, and better stewards of our land.

We use six Percheron draft horses and two Milking Shorthorn oxen to do a variety of tasks. Many ask which is better, horses or oxen. We ask back, what do you want to do? Horses are good for faster paced tasks or for tasks that require driving from behind, while oxen are good at slow tasks or jobs where they may have to stand around a lot.

We love our animals and take the time to train them to be relaxed and alert working partners. We have been asked if the animals "like" their job. We can't speak for them, but we can tell when they are content, or when something is wrong. It is our job to keep them as content as possible and to address any issues as they arise. We provide them with high quality homegrown feeds like pasture, hay, corn and spelt. We also have the vet, dentist and farrier out on a regular basis to care for their health and feet, sometimes a chiropractor too. Be sure to keep an eye out for one of our open houses so that you can come meet our draft animals in person.             

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our draft animal plowing and logging services.    

Here is a great video about using draft animals on small farms, Cornell Small Farms Program

Abington Grown and We-Li-kit Farm were proud sponsors of the 2014 World Percheron Congress. We are honored to call Abington home of Sam Rich's World Champion Percheron Farm Team

World Percheron Congres photo of Champion farm team